The One Thing I Can’t Let Go Of.

If anyone asks me What is the thing you can’t stop eating and you plan not to BREAD is definitely on top of the list. When it comes to being creative in the kitchen I feel like making a sandwiches is where the magic happens, I love bread, bread is my savior I wouldn’t trade it for anything else, I can eat different sandwich types everyday and never repeat it thats how addicted to bread I am.

Im starting my first post on my Cookbook not posting a recipe, but to share something I love eating and doing in the kitchen. A food I could make lots of dishes with, I love bread to a point I had to learn to do it at home, it was such a fun experience, I’m not a pro but i had to try. It’s super easy, quick and fun.

What’s the ingredient you can eat like everyday, cook it differently, place in other dishes, recreate it, or even grow from how cuz you just can’t let go of?



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