New In: Yummy.

Feeling extra sweet. Just added a few new produts to my routine and glycerin is winning over here, im all about moisture, my number one tip when it comes to skincare care is to keep your skin moisturized, I want my skin to be hydrated aaaall the time, and thats when this more-than-amazing-must-have-does-the-job-extraordinary-product-that-I-will-always-use does its magic. Glycerin is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen; its that thing you want to have on yours shelve when skin is dry, rough or itchy. Perfect to use on oily skin reducing pimples, acne and blackhead, leaving skin more radiant and soft.

Measurable Difference Glycerin Acid Anti-Aging + Exfoliator Serum – What a combination, anti aging, moisturizer, exfoliator, sunscreen, toner, heals skin overnight (what I think is the best part of it),  and it feels just like water. FAST ABSORPTION lemme repeat that IT ABSORBS FAST, which makes a good conductor for any other ingredient that comes after. This product is sooooo good, that it made my hands softer for using it in just two days. I want to use it for the rest of my life. Rate 10 out 10.

Uriage Cleansing Oil – Thats just exactly what my skin needs when it comes to face cleaning, a delicate hypoallergenic cleanser that removes all the impurities and unclog my pores, it is not harsh at all and doesn’t dry the skin out. It cleans gently, and a little goes a long way, I just wish oil was a little more prominent in the texture; it feel more like a shower gel with a bit of oil rather than a cleansing oil itself. I regularly use it on my face for a quick “wash and go”, as makeup remover but because of its sticky consistency it does a pretty amazing job as a body wash & guess what?? it has glycerin in the formula. Rate 9 out 10.

Origins Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores – Even though the active ingredient is charcoal, not glycerin this mask has been such a helping hand when I want to deep cleanse my face at home. The charcoal does a great job unclogging pores, it is actually one of the best ingredients to do this job. Good for all skin types, this mask will leave the skin clear and glowing in a blink. Rate: 9 out 10.

It’s Skin Cookie and Body Ice Cream – Another product packed with glycerin but this time it comes in cream form. Love it, love it love it love it to death, to the moon and back, and will keep loving it forever and ever. Hope it never discontinuous because it has a unique scent that I know I won’t find anywhere else. It is made off of vanilla extract, and YES! it does smell like cookie and ice cream, this is just out of this world.. the texture is amaaaaaazing, it contains cookie chips that melt when massaged on the skin. This cream is very rich in ingredients that help give a lot nourishment (shea butter, mango seed butter, and sweet almond oil) and its not greasy at all. Rate: 10 out 10. 

Andreia Franco

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