January Favorites!


Heyyyy everyone.. Its been a whiiiile, I know..  but you know what 2018 is supposed to be our year so here i am with good news, I survived 2017 and brought some good products from last year with me. Today’s post is all about some of current favorite products, and products i ran out empty this month.

First and foremost I want to talk about 4 prods I’ve spoke before on Instagram, talking about products simultaneously is not my thing i rather speak about them one by one since they have different purposes and bring different results but today is going to be different, this year i want to break rules, so lets get started.

I been using Kiehls for 3 months now, no mistake I just have a favorite brand, for a beauty blogger who tries new products almost every week saying “Favorite Brand” may seem a little too much, but no lie their products are good. Everytime I go to their store i want get everythiiiing, como nao?

1/4 – Those are products formulated with natural ingrediants and they do wonders to the skin, they say you have to wait 20 days to see results I’ve actually seen after a week only using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Daily Reviving Concentrate & The Calendula Foaming Face Wash. Those are all products that i will definitely go back to, they do an amazing job and they last. After a month, implemented the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask to my routine and PAAAM, another mind-blowing product, believe me.. thats one of the best masks in the market. Perfect if you looking for glow, radiance and brighten the skin in a blink, it can be a good exfoliator too, those cranberry seeds really do the job.

5 – Did someone said glow? Yeees, current favorite setting spray is the Glowsetter from GlamGlow if you looking for a dewy finish, that JLo glow.. there you have it.

6 –  Natural Infusions Aroma Therapy Macadamia Oil – This oil is hypoallergenic (cause few allergic reactions) and non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause blocked pores). It contains vitamin E, also contains dried rose petals, that makes it smells really nice. It is a very stable oil, with a shelf life of up to two years.

7- Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – for spot treatment this works better than tea tree oil for me. Tea tree oil is the most popular spot treatment out there, but unfortunately it irritates my skin, it causes way much more damage than a pimple. This one is basically a fast acting solution worth having.

8 – Benefit, precisely my brow pencil – it became a favorite when I was only at the store, very sharp, not too pigmented just the way it works for me, good spoolie-brush and is water proof.

9 – Chella Beauty EyeBrow Defining Gel – Brand that is underrated, so many good thing but is brow gel gives just the right lift my brows need, used one from makeup forever a few times and thought brow gel was just another prod not worth having, until I found this one that I clicked with, i love the way it gives dimension to the brows.

10 –  Rituals of Sakura Shower Oil / Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom –  The perfect product, love it love it love it! Shower oils are my new obsession super “must-have”. This one smell so good, is very rich and affordable, one of those products you thank God is cheap but you would buy it was 3 times the price. This shower oil removes all the dirty from the skin without leaving it dry, actually its gonna be twice softer anda remarkable scent.

Andreia Franco

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