N7 (Beautiful Skin) Products Review


Diving into a new brand is always fun to me, is like going on a new trip, or eating a new food, or having a new friend or.. getting a new skin. Nr7 surprised me, positively, with this three products, I knew they were good but now I know they are great (for normal/oily skin). Don’t even know which one I like the most, or does the best job, they even in terms of performance. I just wanna thank my mom for giving me this, without it my skin would be as gorgeous as it has been during this last 2 months, thank you.

Foaming Cleanser – It truly removes all the dirty and impurities in one single step, it doesn’t dry out the skin but suggest to use the toner afterward to speed the process. Is a hypo-allergenic, which means is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Super inexpensive comparing to the value it brings. Worth repurchasing. Rating: 10 out 10.

Balancing Toner – I am a bit skeptical about toners because many don’t react really nice to my skin, most of toners I used tend to burn on my skin, but let me tell you something rating is 10 out 10 because this is the best ever tried so far, no doubt is an hypo-allergenic product. A must-try!!!

Day Cream – Out of the three this one smells the best, is very light, fresh, creamy and moist at the same time. It nourish my skin pretty well and even though is summer it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin at all, the consistency is amazing. Of course, Rating: 10 out 10.


Andreia Franco

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