Ipsy April 2017 Glam Bag Review


Its funny how Ipsy team works on providing products that best suits you. Is like they can read your mind from a distance and send you exactly what you need. Of course, before signing up you answer to a bunch of questions which are necessary to personalize you glam bag, furthermore, your reviews to the products are also important to to help them personalize your next bag but I have to admit they really your comments and do their best to include items you will like.

If you are unfamiliar with the name,  Ipsy is a brand that sends a beautiful glam bag once a month to their subscribers with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products for only $10. I was a member before but for some reason I can’t remember I had to cancel my account, but I’m here, again! As I always say “I always go back to the things I truly love.” I missed having that pink package right at my door step. 🙂

I know we are already in May, I got the April bag about 2 weeks ago but I wanted to make this review based on my matches for May. I wanted to make sure what’s on my way is relatable with what I like and the reviews I’ve made. BING! May 2017 Glam Bag is even better than April’s. I loved this bag that is up there in the picture, but I’m way too excited for what’s on the way.

Ok, now, lets get started..

Defy & Inspire Nail Polish Paradise Island – Really glad to get this even though I don’t like the color very much, Im really into polish nails lately. I think this come at the right time cuz I’m learning to do my nails myself. Rate: 9.5 out 10

ColorPop ‘Mr. Bing’ Crème Gel  Liner – Another item that came in at the right time was this lip pencil from ColorPop. Im all about nude lips, nothing better than a creamy brown pencil to match with it. Finally I found that is better or equal to ‘Chestnut’ from MAC. Rate: 10 out 10.

Peek Beauty ‘250k8’ Eyeshadow – This is a new brand for me and I coulndt be introduced to it in a better way. Loveeeed The color is beautiful, the coverage too, great for every skin tone, and love the packing too, it comes with a lit which prevents it from breaking. Rate: 10 out of 10.

Ofra Cosmetics ‘Rendezvous’ Blush – Another item for every skin tone, this earth tone is very vivid and warm it may also work as bronzer or transition color. I am really curious about what this brand has to offer, their products range is loaded with lots of quality, after getting this I have no doubt I’m getting more stuff. Rate: 10 out 10.

Skin & Co ‘Truffle Therapy’ Face Toner – I love this toner!!! It feels like it tones and washes my skin at the same time, it cleanses the skin deeply and gives a very youthful and healthy skin look. I am buying the bigger bottle for sure, I wouldn’t mind having it as my forever toner, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Rate: 10 out 10.

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Andreia Franco

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