“It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind.” – T.S. Elliot

Everyone has at least one . This emotion is a driven force, sometimes inexplicable, other times we have a lot to speak about it. This force is what people feel about something or someone. It, brought me here, again. This force made me write this post, it made you read exactly what I’m writing. This force goes beyond my talent, it actually amplifies my talents. It cannot be seen but makes me see more. It cannot be trade but makes me want to give. It cannot be changed but it makes me grow. It cannot be suppress, only extended. It will never die, because it makes me feel alive. Passion turned me into the life lover, it made start my first blog “Diary of a Life Lover” back in 2013, which was the gateway to so many beautiful things. Today, I’ve decided to keep on pursing my dreams which is help you accomplish yours. Yes! This is a space for givers and takers, my passion might be helping but I also want to get the exact same thing from you. As much as I enjoy writing, and teaching what I know, I also enjoy learning from everyone, that’s why I LOVE LIFE. I am passionate about everything, I see beauty in everything, people, life circumstances, places, objects. My passion is ingrained in my body, in a way that speaks to me even on my sleep, even when I’m alone, even when there is no sounds around I listen to it. Our passions predominate within our being leading us to become what we are. Our passion is what we fuel our souls with, passions are food for soul, our passions ignite our souls. Here I stand, with all my soul ready to make every visit of your to this website an amazing experience.

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